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Intuitive Conversation Designer

OpenDialog provides an intuitive conversation designer that allows you to prototype, demo, test and refine conversations quickly.

Smart and Modular Conversation Engine

Our unique conversation engine can proactively manage conversations across multiple channels and interfaces. The modular architecture allows you to customize as required.

Powerful Content Management

The conversation flow is separated from content management enabling you to robustly manage content, integrate with existing tools and translate.

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Secure, Scalable and Supported

OpenDialog offers flexible deployment, automated scalability and an expert team on hand to offer support throughout.

OpenDialog Plans

Community Edition

  • Conversation Designer & Engine
  • Webchat Widget and Full Page Chat Experiences
  • NLU Integration Support
  • Documentation and Community Support


In Private Beta
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Immediate access to latest features
  • NLU Support: Dialogflow, LUIS and more (including your own)
  • Multiple Channel Support: Webchat, API-based, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and more
  • Developer Training and Support
  • OpenDialog Conversation Design Training and Support

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenDialog is a conversational experience platform. It enables teams to design, develop, deploy, test and maintain sophisticated conversational applications that can use a number of different conversational interfaces (web, SMS, Slack, WhatApp, etc), NLP interpreters and integrate with your own systems and services.

OpenDialog is not just another tool for conversation design and development. It allows you to design and deploy sophisticated conversational applications faster because it starts from a strong foundational conversational model and method of reasoning.

Our approach is based on AI research on how we communicate, cooperate and coordinate in environments with multiple participants.

We provide an intuitive builder to enable you to design using this approach and a smart and proactive conversation engine to run the resulting applications. We make no limiting assumption about what sorts of interpreters are possible and provide a consistent and coherent way to manage context and action throughout an interaction.

Yes, we offer OpenDialog Enterprise editions with multiple environments,  full access to codebase, customised SSO Integrations. This can be either on-premise or hosted on our cloud. Get in touch for pricing.

OpenDialog is open-source and the OpenDialog team is on hand to provide assistance. Our no-code conversation platform was designed specifically to enable you to get up and running quickly, designing and deploying your own conversations with ease. 

OpenDialog can be used as a stand-alone solution to run conversational application or it can be integrated with other NLU tools, interfaces, and services. 

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